Friday, 14 December 2012

Friday Evenings at Al Batha, Riyadh.....

Friday’s in Riyadh is the day that the working population of Riyadh go about their weekly shopping, Al Batha is the area where all the emigrant population of Riyadh come to buy and sell, its full of souks and stalls of all sorts and an incredible atmosphere on a Friday evening, where the place is jammed full of people from all parts, particularly, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sudan and Philippines among many others. 

Markets called Kerala Market and Manila Plaza gives you a hint of the mix of cultures and people in this area of the city, It’s a real cosmopolitan place with a great vibe about it..

You can find traders selling clothes from wheelbarrows, fruit and veg lying on the ground, mobile phones, electronics, you name it……

It’s a great atmosphere and in stark contrast to the modern and flashy Shopping Malls throughout Riyadh favoured by the Saudi’s, this is a very much an area in the city primarily for the emigrant community.

You can get someone to fix your shoes, fiddle with your mobile phone to do all sorts of magic things, get your hair cut, buy socks, fruit and vegetables, basically, whatever you need, you can get it in Batha.

Here are some photos I took this afternoon, which probably don’t do justice to the wonderful chaos and mayhem……..