Thursday, 21 June 2012

Stories from Home on Fathers’ Day……

Father’s Day was during the week just gone, well, what we know as the great “Hallmark” event. 

Such an event doesn’t exist in these parts and actually, I’m not one to get overly excited about such events as I have mixed feelings on the whole idea of “father” but more of that another day…..

I had a lovely message in the Inbox the other day from home, It was a Father’s Day card created by my sons Daithí and Oisín, being told you’re awesome by your kids is pretty cool !!, absolutely made my day !

Also attached to the message were the boys’ School Reports from the end of the year, We have been very conscious due to my absence from home overseas over the past year of the potential impact of it on the boys’ lives, and their education was just one of those concerns.

It was extremely gratifying to receive two glowing school reports from their teachers not only showing them improving year on year but excelling in some areas, in one instance in Maths which was a tricky area for one of the lads and actually a subject I struggled with when I was a child also, I spent some time on it with him when I was home last and he really is making progress , so well done Boys, you’ve made your Mom & Dad very proud this week, enjoy the movies and ‘Roller-Jam’ this week.

Huge credit must go to Laura for her increased effort with the boys when I am away, Its paying off !

Both of the lads excel in English, and love to read, Oisín actually loves to create and write stories from his imagination , I got some stories from him this week which are also illustrated and coloured as that’s one of his passions.

“How Bob got Tiny Legs” and “The adventures of Johnny Joe and Billy Bob featuring Monkey Man” complete with characters from his imagination with all the thrills and spills of a Star Wars adventure…..
Messages from home are so welcome in all forms and obviously creative messages from your loved ones are extra special…….thanks guys !!!