Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Bling Motors on Tahlia Street.....

Saudi Arabia has a love affair with the Automobile, out on the long desert motorways resembles what you might see in the American West, long straight stretches of roadway with pitstops at regular intervals with the filling stations, burger joint and the only marjed difference is teh provision of a mosque-
American Motors are also very common here, with many Crown Victoria’s, Mustangs, GMC and indeed Hummer’s  on the roads-
A walk down Tahlia Street (Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz St.) in Riyadh, which is essentially the high-end shopping street , we came across this car showroom and we just couldn’t resist having a look, a complete showroom full of Porche, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Maybach and Lamborghini- all in the same showroom-
Further down Thalia St., we came across this 5 star filling station, take a look at the floor finish and the neon lighting, it’s the ultimate in forecourt luxury, and parked on it were five Hummer Stretch Limos….