Saturday, 20 October 2012

Dune Bashing.....


Jim & Ralph
On Thursday afternoon last, a group of us headed out to the north of Riyadh past the Airport to join my friend Jim Cooper and some of his colleagues for some Quad Biking in the desert which is hugely popular here with the Saudi’s.
It was a fantastic afternoon to be riding around the sand with the wind in our faces tackling those dunes and it seems we got great respect from our Saudi colleagues when they met us out there in their Hummers and Toyota’s rampaging around the Dunes also, indeed some choose to eve bring their families along and have picnics out there .
The Desert Sun is not as severe right now so makes it an ideal activity of a weekend evening, though the sunset arrives rather early now also, just before 6pm.
Fantastic day out with the crew and certainly will be done again….