Monday, 27 May 2013

Remembering Jim....

When I first arrived here in Riyadh exactly a year ago in fact, I had but few contacts here, one of whom was introduced to me by a colleague back home. I met Jim Cooper at the Kingdom Tower in my first week in Saudi Arabia and we chatted about life here, culture, food, everything that one would need to know about life in Riyadh.

He later invited me to visit the Power Station he was building West of Riyadh in Dhurama, I wrote a post about it here on the Blog  “Powering Ahead in the Desert”.

We also had some social gathering’s with Jim’s colleagues and also some of mine here in Riyadh and we had some super Bar-B-Q’s and a very memorable Dune Bashing afternoon in the desert north of Riyadh which I also blogged about at the time., “Dune Bashing…”

Sadly, Jim departed this life some weeks back, and I’d like to remember him as a great friend to me and others here in Riyadh and thank him for his time and kindness, he is sadly missed….
Also to express our great sympathy to his wife and family back home in the UK.

“Is feidir suaimhneas siorai da anam – May he rest in peace...